Wilbur lives in East 159 and is the cutest, sweetest, fluffiest, most precious and adorable bunny ever known by man. He is owned by BriannaBlanchard?, who has impeccable taste in pets. She is collecting his hair, which regularly grows to 4 inches long. We do not know how this bunny evolved if it can't see without haircuts.

His hobbies include snuggle wuggles, cuddle wuddles, eating plant matter, and jumping on people's laps. He is so tame that if you leave him in the courtyard without a leash, he will stay on the grass and not run off. Wilbur loves being petted. This is very fortunate, since there is nothing sadder than an adorable fluffy animal that hates to be petted. Be careful, he likes to bite boobs.

He also rules over outer space and has the title Wilbur Wabbit, King of Outer Space. It should be noted that the part he rules is all the empty space, not planets or matter or anything.


"I didn't know bunnies came in this kind of cute!" - JenniRinker

LizSarapata: (chasing Wilbur) I'm a predator! I'm a predator! (Wilbur just sort of sits there) Liz: You know what happens when a predator catches you? It picks you up and CUDDLES YOU!

Ivan: (seeing Wilbur without a leash in the courtyard) Run, bunny, run! Run to freedom! (Wilbur sits there and twitches his nose)


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