Dr. Hank McCoy?, the Beast
 Scott "Slim" Summers, Cyclops
 Robert Drake, Iceman
 Jean Grey, Marvel Girl 
 Warren Worthington III, Angel

 Storm, Ororo Munroe
 Wolverine, Logan
 Colossus, Piotr Nieklovitch Rasputin
 Nightcrawler, Kurt Wagner
 Thunderbird, John Proudstar
 With Banshee (Sean Cassidy) and Cyclops staying on to help out

 No, he was mereley agile and strong 


 The Alien, Lucifer

 Allison Blaire and Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat)

 No.  Actually, he takes over Professor X's school when the professor is stranded in space with the starjammers

He has also recently come back as the benign "Joseph" from a grisly death and bout where he combined with Xavier's dark side

 Holocaust aside, he also witnessed his two children killed by angry mobs 
 This of course caused his wife to leave him after he retaliated instinctually.

Err.. Aren't his children Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch? My impression was that his wife left him (pregnant) and went to Shangra-La after discovering of his powers --AvaniGadani

 The Shadowking

 The Powers were Ms. Marvel's (Carol Danvers), and it happened in Avengers Annual #10

 Storm, to prove to Rogue she trusted her.  (Wolverine had done it voluntarily but to save Rogue's life)

 (1) Kitty Pryde claims she's using the force to raise the Blackbird from the bottom of the Carribean.  Gets an unexpected bath when they find out its merely colossus.
 (2) Using a Shi'ar clothing generator, Kitty is momentarily clothed as Darth Vader
 (3) And of course, the Starjammer's medical droid talks in Yoda Speak

 Muir Island, Scotland.  She's a Nobel Prize winning geneticist and an X-man ally.

 Proteus.  He killed Moira's estranged husband.  (Because he had refused divorce, this gave her considerable freedom though it didnt make her happy at the time).

 The Marauders clipped them, Apocalypse turned him into his "Angel of Death"

 Depends on how you count.  Twice in the early 100's (Phoenix/Dark? Phoenix Saga), but as we find out later, neither of those was really her.  A third time to Sentinels, except her mind flees to the body of Emma Frost so she doesnt really die, but her body is dead.

 Involved with 3, married 2.  Aleytus Forrester, Madelyne Pryor, and Jean Grey.  
 The last two he married.

 Amanda Sefton, a sorceress

 Mariko Yashida

Also Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko something or another)

 Kitty Pryde of course

 Longshot (and last i knew they were still in the Mojo-verse)

 Havok, in issue 248 

 Shot by Peter Gyrich with a Nullifier (While he was gunning for Rogue).  Device was created by Forge.  Ironic because Storm and Forge love each other

 Cyclops and Jean's child from the future (Re: Days of Future Past).  A telepath and telekinetic.  Becomes the Phoenix.

 The Shi'ar gave them a round crystal with Jean Grey's "personality".  (Contained her face and experienced moods as she would to what was happening around it).  Rachel adds her own essence when she repairs it.

 Christopher Summers (Corsair).  He is the leader of the Starjammers.

 Yukio, a onetime friend of Wolverine

 The empress Li'landra of the Shi'ar.  Moira McTaggert? is known to have loved Charles in the (pre-story) past.

 Shawn Cassidy - Banshee

 Captured by the demon Belasco, She becomes the demon's apprentice and learns sorcery (Not to mention ages about 10 years) in issue 160.

  Later, after being returned to her appropriate age, dies to a mysterious virus--called the Legacy Virus--that only affects mutants.

 Kitty Pryde (Psychically) and Rachel (Physically)

What about Bishop? He definitely counts as an X-Man... I don't recall if Cable counts, but he is also from the future.

Cable should count if Rachel does. Also, this is a stretch but how about Legion?

 Is taken into the future by Askani after being infected with a techno-virus.  Later returns as the leader of the New Mutants and X-factor, Cable.

 She bears an uncanny resemblance to Jean Grey and has no history before the exact moment of her death

 The Marauders 

 Mr. Sinister

 Again, the marauders (uh-oh, my questions seem to follow tangents)

 The Reavers

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