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Insists that his life is not a democracy.

Screw physics! Screw engineering! And by that I mean not a physicist. Math major!

Spent some time at Harvard. Back Spring 2013. Is now known by all the deans. Uh oh.

This page exists, and probably should.

Andrew "Silver" Gibiansky is in class of 2015; brother of MaxGibiansky.

He has a hat. It is on the No Prank list. However, it is regularly taken. (In particular, some members of the East community (JakeLow) have decided to make a tradition of taking it and sprinting to CMC...)

Is known by some for BadPun participation.

Enjoys Silent Football! Would like it to become more common.

Is considering becoming an engineer, physicist, or both! Woohoo.

Is no longer at Harvard but he is still a box of rectangles. Often found to be not at Mudd. Marked for death.

A member of SilverLounge.


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