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Worst AnimE Ever. Well, maybe not, but it has infected the US like a plague. It's just this horrible, awful thing that must be destroyed. Only once we have banded together and stomped out this menace can the world once again be at peace.

You know it's true. -- PaulScott

How does it compare in the level of fluff to SailorMoon??

In SailorMoon?, you have the MonsterOfTheDay?, who shows up and gets defeated. In DragonBallZ, you have the MonsterOfTheMonth?, who shows up, gets defeated, reveals that he was only using a fraction of his power, defeats the heros, who then power themselves up/use teamwork/await the arrival of hero X, and then defeat the monster. Repeat ad infinitum.

Right! And unlike SailorMoon?, there really isn't THAT much spinoff hentai potential. No. Really. There isn't. Ok, fine, but not compared to SailorMoon?? Good, I'm glad you saw it my way. Anyway, as everyone knows, that's the real mark of "quality" for crappy anime, since it sure isn't going to be anything in the show itself!

Why isn't YuGiOh? up for consideration? It has a friggin' CardGameOfTheDay?!

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