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EmmaManning is (was?) a LinguisticsMajor? and LingDork (since apparently that's a page) from the class of 2015. While they technically attended and lived at ScrippsCollege, they majored at and took most of their classes at PomonaCollege, and socialized primarily with Easties, spending much of their time in EastLounge. In the 2013-14 school year, they also hypothetically lived in the shower of SuiteEqualistAwesomeEmmaPornPartyLounge, because Emma. Basically, they were a MudKip (or MudKipMonkey??).

They used their LinguisticsMajor? in the best possible way: by writing their senior thesis on EastSpeak?. It can be found [here].

Due to EmmaMagnetism, they were often found in the presence of other Emmas, and are always collinear with them. They sometimes went by Stormageddon, Stormy, or ScrippsieEmma to distinguish themself from other Emmas.

They have a lot of DuctTape.

They also have a lot of purple stuff and might have been their year's PurpleFrosh, though that wasn't decided until their sophomore year so may or may not count.

Co-moderated the overheardatmudd tumblr with SarahScheffler for a couple years.

They may have been the soulmate of KiraWyld, whom they married on March 4th, 2014. The couple has since divorced but, as of Emma's graduation, were engaged again. Emma hopes that their decision to unpurple this page for the sake of readability and editability won't cause Kira to break off the engagement again, but understands if it does.

Emma has been studying ComputationalLinguistics? at Georgetown since Fall 2015. They're still there as of Spring 2020, but will hopefully be done before whenever this page is next edited!

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