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JasonWinerip is a BadIdea.

May have been conceived in a theater where Zardoz was playing.

Patroklos. Also kinda crazy. Has a mysterious resemblance to L, though he is nowhere near as awesome. He is a Sketchivore, meaning he both consumes and produces sketch.

First to complete the StumpyChallenge. Mmmm, monkey tentacles. (Later completed by JulianEvans, PeterMawhorter, RobinDobashi, RichardMehlinger, ChrisSauro, and GretchenAllen)

Part of TheCanadianRunThrough.

Member of the ChuckNorrisInquisition?. Beware.

Responsible for FunwikiContact. You should join the fun. Also partially responsible for FnordCompletionRun. Pages he helps create have an annoying tendency to surpass the character limit. Except this one.

Regular resident of OctothorpeHMC.


JasonWinerip's official (corrupt) guide to core classes (Numbers are estimates of percent of time it's worth doing/going to):

CourseValue of LectureValue of RecitationValue of Homework
Core Math (Not 62)80N/A70
Math 620N/A40

 * Chem has been significantly remodeled since I took it, the giant useless lectures no longer exist.
 ** Results not typical.***
 *** But neither is the topic of this page.****
 **** One of the topics of this page, namely FunwikiContact, should be a little more relevant to you right now.

Warning, this guide may be related to the following:

People to kill:

While there are others I want dead for other reasons, it would probably be in bad taste to mention people I want to kill for actually annoying me. If I've forgotten about you, and you feel you've done something for which I should kill you, or you feel there's someone that I need to kill, feel free to add them and give the reason.

Went to graduate school at the University of Oregon as a MathMajor, where they not only allowed him, but actually paid him, to shape the fragile young minds of incoming freshman. Possibly the worst idea known to man. Looking forward to returning as a SketchyAlum. Is, definitively, already a SketchyAlum, due to the fact that you are declared an Alum at graduation, but conservation of frosh says frosh remain frosh until the next year begins, which means he is a SketchyAlum dating a FrOsh. Finds it kind of funny that he's sketchy in this way. Also finds it kind of sad.

Has now actually given an exam to students, which only 3 students failed. In fact, the average was about a 72%, the median a 78%, and 16 of 23 students got C or better, in a class where apparently 40% of students fail. Deems this unholy experiment in allowing an evil and corrupt force to shape the fragile minds of the froshlings at the University of Oregon........... SUCCESS! At least, as long as none of them find this page.

Currently hoping to find other places to corrupt young minds through teaching mathematics. Will eventually try learning more math at a graduate school that teaches subjects more interesting than analysis and topology.

a BadIdeaBear

[Don't Click This Button]

[Or This One]

List of Sci-Fi shows completely secured, in rough order of recommendations (Recommendation order depends on what you're looking for):

List of Sci-Fi shows I still need to finish, in rough order of quality:

Sci-Fi shows I haven't seen any of, but should eventually (Add more here)

Things which you are NOT allowed to add above:


 I'm sorry, I just don't want a random number generator determining what I'm masturbating to.

 I probably shouldn't have choked myself.

 Feel free to take my life away as you see fit.

 I think what's most intriguing about this isn't that it exists, but that it's indexed in one place.

 Yes! I have a penis!

 I'm just after girls for their math homework

 Fuck you, I'm always nice.

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