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Frosh of the class of 2012 living in East 153. (08-09) Soph of the class of 2012 living in East 157. (09-10)

Also goes by: TheDevinator , AgentJulien, and Has to put up with people such as EdwardWang, SpencerTung, HeroAndrew, AprilWong, KatieBennett, WinnieDing, BenJi, EricAleshire, EvanLi, VincentPai ...

Likes to help people with homework. Can speak English, French, Spanish, Chemistry, and Physics. Plays flute for concert band.

Declared Physics Major.

Gets away with writing I am Julien. Q.E.D. on homework assignments.

-JulienDevin action figure (work in progress) action catch phrases-

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