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Linde is just a ModernMyth. Come on, a big, beautiful dorm with AirConditioning with lovely high ceilings (and generally nice big rooms) all the way as far over on the residential side of campus as you can find, populated by people you never see? Can't exist. No way.

According to a bio 52 prof (don't know who...not in the class) if a wall were built between Linde and the rest of the campus, speciation might occur.

Formerly home to HemiDemiFunball?.

Distant structure at the far east end of Mudd mall, visible to the naked eye from the Quad in much the same manner as MountBaldy?. Occasionally obscured by murky mists, lending the residence a mythical quality. Or perhaps that's just the smoke.

Home to slackers, stoners, ravers, retired Westies, jaded Northies, and recently* quite the band of pseudo-Easties (including the emigration of half of 03-04's ProctorSuite - the now ProctorZajj). Known for internal rivalry between fans of Hip-Hop and devotees of Electronica (music known to the lay as 'Techno'). But that's because those people are stupid. Drug paraphenalia are a common sight since Linde is too far from the academic end to be noticed by prospective students.


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