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Visiting SoftwareDevelopment professor at PomonaCollege in Spring 2007. Has significant professional software development experience, and as such is teaching the class in a way completely unlike that described in the SoftwareDevelopment node.


MarkKampe: Where'd you get that 33% from?
AndrewHunter: I pulled it out of my nether regions.
MarkKampe: In the industry we refer to those as "brown numbers."

MarkKampe: It may be that with 1 woman you can produce 1 baby in 9 months, but that does not mean that with 9 women you can produce 1 baby in 1 month. And if you don't have any women, you could have 100 men and you still won't produce any babies.

MarkKampe: First of all, I'm a whore. I've sold myself cheaper than you can believe.

MarkKampe: My policy is that if you can make me laugh long enough such that I don't have time to take points off, I give you full credit.

MarkKampe: You may assume my friend is a jerk. In fact, I have inside information that says just that.

MarkKampe: Most of life is just balancing between greed and fear.

MarkKampe: I'm not really a Nazi.

In a Colloquium presentation titled "(the demise of) Single System Image Transparency", Professor Kampe used the following introduction:

prolog: the sin of ambition

 Friends, students, OS geeks, lend me your ears;
    I come [to] bury API level transparency, not to praise it.
    The follies of failed projects live after them;
    While their lessons are lost with their backups [ed: "backup tapes" as delivered];
    So let it be with Single System Image.  
 Experience hath told us this was an ambitious goal:
    If it were so, it was a grievous fault,
    And grievously have they answer'd for it. 
 I speak not to disprove this judgement.
    But here I am to speak what I do know.
    We did strive for this goal once, not without cause:
    What cause withholds us then, to learn their lessons?

MarkKampe: Does anyone want to tell me what the MTBF of a 4 year old girl is?

MarkKampe: "Those were psych undergraduates. That's different from 'people'."

[Was apparently in] an adult film titled "Still Insatiable".


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