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The washy-wishy alternative to choosing between a BioMajor or MathMajor, affectionately referred to as bunny counting.

Also known as BioMajor minus OChem plus MathMajor minus AbstractAlgebra?. No HardClasses or DiscreteMath? (except for Discrete itself, and the Discrete MathBio class). Uhh, what about analysis? According to the JointMajor page, the JointMajor has no hard classes. Except for the ones that are...

To be more specific, the required courses are listed here: http://www2.hmc.edu/www_common/biology/index.html

Heck, sometimes if you tell people you're a "Math-Bio" major, they pass the info along as "he's double majoring in Math and Biology." Which is somewhat unfortunate if you are one of the many female mathbio majors.

A GoodIdea.

In 2011, became the MathComputerBio? major. The joke about MathPhysicsBioChemComputerEngineering? wrote itself.

See also: JointMajor

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