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"...And the masses trembled, and doom followed in the wake of his coming, for he rode on a black steed of fear, and the evils of the world took to the skies before him, and civilizations crumbled and empires toppled and rose again to topple anew...

The night with Its eye saw the impending fate of the universe, Its dark hand stretched forth into heaven and hell itself, And Its voice broke the walls of the psyche.

And in the end, there was chaos

For all things begin and end with Nu"

Avid gamer and Vexist, ThePyro also goes by the name of Nu as well as his real name, Adam. He is a physics major, known to carry up to twelve lighters at any given time. He is also known for having sent up clouds of toxic gas from burning computer monitors, and having set his pants on fire while wearing them. He is dedicated to spreading chaos and corrupting people's minds. Dating the Oracle for the Devil.

Computer: Pc

Multiplayer games of choice:

Movies of choice:

ThePyro is currently a resident of SuiteVengeance

-Proverbs of Hell, William Blake, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell


E&M lecture:

There's more than one way to skin a baby!

When I say goodbye cruel world, it won't be me who's leaving!

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