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I recall that I got to the end of the game by a process of periodically sinking a weekend into it. Combined with the "I don't care" factor that Curtis mentions WRT the plot, this meant that I had little recollection of what had gone before, much less what I was supposed to be doing. As such, they might have explained the use for the CC at some point and I just didn't recall the explanation when I got it (I know the use of it didn't seem terribly intuitive just after I got it...). I do recall several of the "colors-in-the-correct-order" bits you mention, looking back on it, but I guess I didn't have enough invested in the game at that point to put two and two together. --AndrewSchoonmaker

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AndrewSchoonmaker: Having picked up the game again after a good two years of not playing it, the game bears some striking similarities to MetalGearSolid2, at least from replaying the first bit: it's a sequel, and yet constantly makes reference to the previous game, which I found highly amusing in MGS2, but didn't particularly notice in CC the last time around because I hadn't played CT in several years (not that I'm doing much better this time around, but...). I don't recall if MGS2 was the game that I played where it became increasingly clear that some of the team wasn't taking the project seriously any more... (CC seems to lean in that direction as well).

In response to Curtis' wonder if he would find ChronoTrigger similarly problematic if he had not played it up until now, I'd say a resounding "no"; while I also played CT several years ago and had a few good memories of it, it was not until I sat down and played through it again when it was rereleased as part of the FinalFantasy Chronicles that it really blew me away.

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