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An earthquake occurred during the summer of 2010. I was up in the MicroPs lab, minding my own business, when everything started shaking- it felt like someone was moving unreasonably large machinery around, or some kind of experiment had just gone wrong in the Physics department. I didn't quite realize what was going on until ProfessorCha, like some kind of earthquake alarm, started sounding off from his office down the hall: "Earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake!"

I stepped outside, and encountered ProfessorWang, who told us that he had been walking at the time, so he didn't feel the vibrations. He seemed disappointed. At this point, ProfessorCha had finally stopped shouting "Earthquake! Earthquake! Earthquake!"

Then ProfessorDMHarris stepped outside of his office, and announced: "I was under my desk!"

All in all, an exciting experience.

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