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Fred squints at his papers.
Bob squints at his papers.

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Turning to the princess, you raise your eyebrow in amusement. "Well, I appear to have my orders, O most admirable Princess Hyacinth. I must immediately assist in curing you of having sat through one of my good brother Thato's dissertations. What course of action would best drive that unwelcome experience from your mind?" With a bow, you continue, "I am at your service, if my company be not unwelcome."

Hyacinth responds, "Well, at least you understand that you guys all seem to be stupid. Buy me a drink and then we can go to his stupid counseling thing. I'll humor him for a little while. This is all just completely ridiculous."

You buy Hyacinth a drink, and you talk for a little while, chatting about this and that, and comparing how boring each of you thought Thato's speech was. She then excuses herself to use the ladies' room.

After half an hour or so you start getting suspicious that she's not coming back.


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