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I am Johnathan "I need a nickname" Ashley. I enjoy pass/fail, being a frosh, and the clarinet. I can be identified by wild and frizzy hair as well as a perpetual look that makes one think "Yeah, that guy is a genius...or insane...it's hard to tell..." Anyway, I like candy and cookies, and playing board games (Cthulhu Pirates Munchkin! and Bang! are both amazing). Also, I should be doing homework now. Not now as in while I am typing this (though that is true) but now as in at all the times, every times, as I am really good at procrastinating, even considering pass/fail. Anyway, I am going to stop before I keep rambling on and on and on and on and on...wait, darn it! Ok, I will st...OK! Seriously, goodbye!
-Johnathan "[insert nickname]" Ashley.
Also, how do I make this say my name?
This page used to hold JohnathanAshley's wiki page. Now, since MartinPyne is procrastinating a paper, that information has been moved to the correct page, so PaNts should delete this one. :P
* You don't want it to remain forever for posterity, as a reminder to why JohnathanAshley should forever have the nickname "New Wiki Name"? That would be so much more entertaining!

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