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Damn, Sephiroth is a pansy. Almost as much of one as Jenova. On a whim, I descended into the crater without preparing at level 58. I made it to Sephiroth but didn't have quite enough healing items to take him down--though I made him earn his victory after about 40 minutes and 5 Super Novas (Novae?). After that, I went and whored Wutai until I had 99 X-Potions, as well as maxing out a bunch of other healing/support items. That put me at level 61, and I pretty much walked through the crater (fleeing from Tonberries, sadly, always wishing I could morph them into Ribbons at will) and bitchslapped Sephiroth. It still took a while, but he couldn't kill my party members faster than I could revive them.

Oh, quick aside--can you morph bosses? If so, what do you get for morphing Sephiroth (or the Weapons)? Just curious; maybe I'll try on an old save file.

For equipment for the final battle: Cloud--Ultimate Weapon, Mystile, Ribbon; Red XIII--Limited Moon, Mystile, Reflect Ring; Vincent--(insert name of ultimate weapon here), Bolt Armlet, Water Ring. Now, the Reflect Ring was a beautiful thing, though mostly irrelevant; I think I reflected one Shadow Flare that would've wiped the floor with Red XIII and instead did 2500 damage to a Walled Sephiroth. Those Mystiles, though..... Other than Shadow Flare, the only attack of Sephiroth's that routinely killed a party member at full hit points (a little over 5000) was his standard attack--which now misses two of my party members (the effective fighters) about 50% of the time. Now *THAT* I like! =o]

I didn't attempt either of the weapons, but at some point, I may. I really really hope that I need to level more, though, or else it'll just be far too sad for words.

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