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On this page you will find links to many of the instruction sets that I have created in my time as a mailler. Each one is accompanied by carefully rendered 3D images that should clearly demonstrate how to make the weave. A note on the names - when you see "X-1" in the name, that means that each ring in the weave passes through X other rings. Thus, European 4-1 has four rings passing through every other ring. This is a standard naming system and is consistent for all weaves except the sheet Japanese weaves.
Got a request? Email me and I'll work on it.

Current instruction count: 34 sets.

European-based weaves
European 4-1 The most basic weave in maille, a common armor design. Euro 4-1
Kingsmaille A simple variant on Euro 4-1, with every link doubled. No piccy. I've never actually made it.
Expanding circle coif One of two basic methods for building coif tops and other circles. Coif
Box chain A basic jewelry weave. Still nada in the pictures department.
Byzantine 1
Byzantine 2
A simple, but beautiful, jewelry weave. #1 is better for beginners, #2 for speedweavers. Byzantine
Trizantine A variant on Byzantine. Trizantine pic
Roundmaille A heavy weave, similar to box but with three sides. Roundmaille thumbnail
Turkish Roundmaille As roundmaille is to box chain, Turkish roundmaille is to Byzantine. Turkish thumbnail
Inverted Roundmalle A very stiff variant of roundmaille Inverted
Box Sheet 1
Box Sheet 2
Two methods for turning the box chain weave into a sheet. Yet more weaves I have not made. Fun.
Serpent's Spine An unusual vertical weave with sculptural applications. Given that I haven't actually made it, I'm going to have a hard time finding pictures of it.
A dense and heavy weave remniscent of the scales of a dragon. Hence the name. Dscale thumbnail
Persian-based weaves
Full Persian One of the basic jewelry weaves. Very intricate and beautiful. Full Persian
Half Persian 3 in 1 A delicate weave that's very fast to make, once you know it. HP 31 thumbnail
Half-Persian 3-1 Sheet 5 One of three ways to turn the Half Persian 3-1 chain into a sheet. My personal favorite. Half Persian 5-1
Half Persian 3 in 1 Sheet 6 An alternative method for turing Half Persian 3-1 into a sheet. This dense weave forms parallelograms instead of rectangles. Definitely a beautiful weave. I have made this. Just not in large quantities yet.
Half Persian 4 in 1 One of the most difficult common jewelry weaves. It's worth it.
Half Persian 2 in 1 sheet 4 An interesting sheet weave that's rather tricky. The instructions are based on Milo's own. You know, I have examples for less than half of the weaves shown here.
Half Persian Chain Variants How to make three kinds of HP 6-1, with some theory Not of these weaves, sorry.
Not Again One of the Half-Persian sheet weaves turned on its side. A personal invention. Not Again
GSG Half-Persian sheet turned on its side, another form. Good jewelry. GSG
Japanese (or Oriental) based weaves
Oriental 6-1 One of two basic Oriental sheet weaves Nay, young one. No graphical representation awaits you here.
Japanese 4 in 1 cube A simple three-dimensional weave. Cube thumbnail
Miscellaneous Weaves
Euro-Persian Hybrid (EPH) An unusual courduroy-style weave. EPH
Spiral A simple and elegant spiral chain. Ixnay on the icturepay.
This is not Food An interesting spiral weave that does not unwind. Yet another weave that I have not actually made.
Trinity A unique three in one sheet weave Trinity
Not-Strictly-Maille Weaves
Foxtail The simplest weave in the completely closed-construction weave family. A bit like tying rubber bands together. Foxtail
Single Loop in Loop The metal version of the Foxtail weave. Requires soldered links. I'll get a picture of this thing once I get my scanner working again, okay?
Loop in Loop Variants I chucked all of the loop in loop variants here. They're fairly similar. Triple loop in loop
Soldering primer An introduction to soldering, with an emphasis on jewelry. You know, pictures really wouldn't make sense for this one.
Simple hooks How to make some basic hooks from wire Hook!
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