If you look at the instructions on my website, you'll notice that some of them have an ugly red watermark on them, prominently advertising Decordene Wireworks. Why are these here?

Back when I was first making the Library, I was approached by Charles Gragg and asked to make some instructions for his website. He also offered to purchase some of the existing instruction sets I had made. The instructions would be placed on his website, and in return, I would receive credit at his store. The only caveat was that the images had to have a watermark on them, to make theft difficult (Kusari had just had someone copy his images for resale at that point). I agreed to this, since the instructions were not gaining me anything materially at the time.

How times change. I never did use much of the credit that Charles gave me (in part because he had nothing that I wanted, in part because really, I don't make that much maille). The watermarking became less of a useful thing and more of a burden. I've slowly started replacing the images on this site with newly-rendered ones that don't bear the watermarks (stupidly, I did not keep the non-watermarked forms). However, I update this site but rarely, as I'm sure you've noticed, and thus it's taking a long time to replace everything. In the meantime, I hope you'll bear with me; eventually we may find a Library free of commercial propaganda!

At least, until I start trying to sell things to you. Heh.

All items on this site are copyright 2004 Chris Weisiger (a.k.a. Derakon). That's right - I made everything on this site. Reproduction of any of my work in whole or in part requires my express consent.