Daniel N. Meredith
Bachelor's of Arts - Economics, concentration in Computer Science Claremont McKenna College - 2001
Articles, Papers, et al
Extreme Blue Alumni Feature (2001)
YouServ: A Web Hosting and Content Sharing Tool for the Masses (WWW2002 - acknowledged)
A Case Study on Alternate Representations of Data Structures in XML (DocEng2005 - co-author, presenter)
The Web Beyond Popularity - A Really Simple System for Web Scale RSS (WWW2006 - co-author, presenter)
Effective Web-Scale Crawling Through Website Analysis (WWW2006 - co-author, presenter)
BETA: Better Extraction Through Aggregation (SIGIR 2006 - co-author, presenter)
FacebookWinter 2018 - Present
Core Data, Data Infrastructure
Distinguished Engineer
Google, IncSpring 2017 - Winter 2018
Senior Engineering Lead, Google Product Infrastructure.
Principal Software Engineer
Google, IncFall 2014 - Spring 2017
Technical Lead, Application Storage, Indexing and Serving.
Senior Staff Software Engineer
Google, IncFall 2011 - Fall 2014
Technical Lead, Search Infrastructure. Large scale, dynamic indexing and serving systems.
Staff Software Engineer
Google, IncFall 2009 - Fall 2011
Engineer, Web Search Infrastructure.
Senior Software Engineer
Google, IncWinter 2007 - Fall 2009
Technical Lead, Frontend and Index Serving, Google News.
  • Google News
  • Engineering lead for a team of 12 engineers in three offices (Mountain View, Bangalore, Shanghai)
  • Design and implemenated core news serving infrastructure- lots of machines, lots of traffic, constant uptime, etc
  • Primary index build and serving systems built in C++ using proprietary Google technologies
  • Primary frontend seving built in Java using a variety of Google technologies
  • Contributions to general Java technologies used by Google News, Gmail, Google Apps
  • Contributions to open sourced Google technologies (OpenGSE, Google XML Pages)
Technical Staff Member
IBM Almaden Research CenterWinter 2003 - Fall 2006
Application Architect for a web-scale text analytics computing platform. WebFountain applications leverage the common WF platform of data stores and indices, along with the Vinci Transport Protocol to query, analyze and visualize unstructured information.
  • Directed a team of seven in the implementation of all primary WebFountain applications
  • Designed and developed core platform technologies in Java and C++
  • Designed and developed platform distributed taxonomy system C++, Java and Perl
  • Designed and developed top - down corpus analysis platform enabling multi-faceted information retrieval
  • Researched and developed a number algorithms surrounding duplicate detection on large text corpora
  • Researched and published techniques on efficient data structure representation in XML or XML-like formats
  • Researched and developed numerous technologies for efficient information retrieval in loosely inter-linked text corpora
IT Professional
IBM Global ServicesFall 2001 - Winter 2003
Developer on a series of e-business applications for corporate clients. Specialized in large financial applications leveraging OLAP databases. Application platforms from J2EE environments deployed on Websphere Application Server to custom development packages such as AlphaBlox and dynaSight. Primary roles included User Interface Developer, Security architect and Backend developer.
  • Experienced using J2EE technologies such as Servlets, JSP and EJBs
  • Experienced using multiple J2EE frameworks such as Jakarta Struts, Open Symphony WebWorks, et al
  • Experienced using multiple database technologies (relational, OLAP and hierarchical)
Technical Intern
IBM Extreme Blue - AlmadenSummer 2001
Developed a federated identity manager and advertising backend to monetize the protection of personally identifiable information. Using an innovative business model and technology developed in conjunction with two other interns and an MBA intern. The solution was designed as an open alternative to Microsoft's PassPort technologies.
  • Application frontend developed in JSP and Servlets
  • Infrastructure services and backend developed in Java, leveraging an LDAP and relational backend
  • Developed unique advertisement targeting algorithms leveraging PII and user browser history
Systems Architect
Search 123, Inc.Summer 2000 - Winter 2001
Designed and built a 'Bid for Rank' search engine as the primary revenue driver for Search 123 with a team of 4 others. The core infrastructure was designed to serve 2 million queries a day and eventually served close to 3 million before needing additional hardware. The core architecture was not altered to scale to the eventual peak load of the system. The infrastructure also served as the backend for a federated search and advertisement network spun off from Search 123.
  • Custom application services written in C++ and hosted using a custom template engine also written in C++
  • Primary database backend was written in C++ on top of MySQL for Alpha
  • Implemented both core search services (keyword and category) as well as numerous other services for auctions, ranking and billing
Zen Optical TechnologiesFall 1999 - Summer 2000
Researched the general area of handwriting recognition and developed a working prototype of a pen based recognition system. The core algorithms were developed in C++ and eventually ported to VHDL for embedded systems use. The primary recognition algorithm is quadrature based and uses a training set of character forms to provide the basis for a fuzzy matching system. The basic algorithm was developed for western languages, but showed good promise when tested on eastern glyph based languages.
  • Developed core recognition algorithm and time curve analysis for fitting quadrature segments
  • Provided basic design for pen recognition hardware and apparatus
  • Completed final algorithm and management software in C++ and consulted during the port to VHDL
Technical Intern
Intel Corporation - Home Products GroupSummer 1999
Developed a series of tools and test harness for HPG to aid in the development of a television set top cable box which rendered XML/HTML content related to programming in real time. The system utilized the Mozilla core as its application environment and numerous custom backend components for generating and serving content
  • Developed a remote control simulator for testing the user application
  • Developed and debugged a portion of the Mozilla core plugin subsystem
  • Ported the first set of audio and video plugins to the XPConnect/LiveConnect interface
  • Ported XAnim to the GTK toolkit and graphics libraries.