AAAI 2006 Scavenger Hunt Items

The following will be stock items for robots to locate in the 2006 AAAI Scavenger Hunt. They were all purchased from the toy department at Wal-Mart, in case you would like to purchase copies with which to practice.

You don't need to find and/or identify all of the objects, but they are given as a possible starting point for which you can demonstrate your robot's scavenger hunting abilities. For example, you might want to have your robot do some of the following (in order of easiest to hardest, with relative weighting expressed in points):

  1. locate an object and approach it (5 pts each)
  2. identify objects based on color and shape (10 pts each)
  3. indicate the relative positions of the objects found (~20 points)
  4. find and move an object to a designated location (30 points)
  5. create a map (of some sort), including the objects found (30 points)

This is by no means a complete list of possibilities, and it is biased towards vision-oriented tasks. Participants are encouraged to define a hunt in terms of their robot's abilities, or the participants' area of research. For example, if your research is in the area of sound localization, then you are welcome to create a sound-based scavenger hunt.


small foam
Small foam balls (identical to those in last year's scavenger hunt), $3.84


plastic buckets
Red and blue plastic buckets (without handles/shovels they are sold with, 10" high), $1.97 each


Winnie the Pooh figure
Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal (1' high) $5.00


big yellow ball
big inflatable yellow ball (~2' diameter), $4.83