The Motivation

Sharing AI Robotics curricula is difficult.

Despite this difficulty, EAAI wants to support the development/sharing of compelling AI Robotics curricula.

So, the 2017 EAAI not-so-grand challenge (NSG challenge) invites teams to create, prototype, and share a compelling, accessible, and adaptable AI robotics task of their own design.

In a sense, this is a meta-robotics challenge, in which you're invited to create an AI robotics challenge that maximizes both curricular worth and easy deployment.

The Invitation

All are welcome.    All educational levels and team compositions are invited. Also, there are no constraints on the hardware, software, or curricular content of the tasks submitted -- except insofar as they meet or contradict the judging criteria. (See below.)

In keeping with EAAI's focus, however, this challenge does target undergraduate-level tasks and curricular goals in particular. Submissions targeting other audiences will be considered within their own category.

Also in the spirit of supporting the undergraduate experience, we especially encourage teams of undergraduate students plus one or more faculty members, working together.

The Challenge

Entries should seek to maximize the educational and experiential benefits of their task, while minimizing off-putting or difficult-to-transfer facets. More detailed lists of judging criteria are available in this more complete NSG challenge description.

In brief, there will be three judges, and judging will emphasize the -- admittedly difficult -- tradeoffs among

  • AI sophistication: more is better
  • wide adaptability: easier is better
  • compelling contexts and toolsets: the more creative and more authentic, the better

Wait!    These criteria are all mutually contradictory!         Yes!     Welcome to the challenge.

The Important Dates
Date Milestone
10/11/15 Official announcement of the 2017 EAAI WAARTs challenge, i.e., this page. Start of suggestion-solicitation phase.
2/13-14/16 EAAI 2016, including on-site discussion of EAAI 2017 and its NSG challenge (this challenge)
4/30/16 End of suggestion-solicitation phase: rules and guidelines for the 2017 NSG challenge are finalized and posted here.
9/14/16 submissions due, 2-6 pages in EAAI format
the full call for participation
the submission website
2/5-6/2017 AAAI 17 and EAAI 17 held in San Francisco, CA. Join us -- WAARTs and all!  

questions? concerns?    contact Zach Dodds,