We decided to use the evolution platform for our "Big Brother Bot." This platform was chosen over the possibility of using some sort of mobile blimp because the Evolution seems more feasible. So far our only difficulty is that the software did not properly run with our platform. We could not get our robot moving. Professor Dodds is trying to fix this problem so that we can continue work on our robot.

For the second half of the semester, we will implement our "Big Brother Bot" idea. Hopefully, we can get it to recognize people based on the color of their shirt or if we get really ambitious, by their face. By 4/8, we hope to be able to find people, i.e. find a big blob of localized color instead of a long horizontal line of color. This blob, we will hope it someone's t-shirt or something of that sort. Once we can find people, we hope to follow them around in the tunnels. By 4/29, we hope to be able to find a person, and follow them by keeping the blob of color more or less in the center of the robot's vew. We will also incorporate MCL to track where people are going in the tunnels. Hopefully, we will be able to distinguish between different people and make a "most-wanted" list. This way, if there are multiple people, the BBB will select its victim from its priority list and track them.