This page will hold images and movies taken during the process of developing our robot. Note that the gallery is not well-designed as it makes no use of thumbnails.

After running into some problems of the robot staring contently at walls instead of attacking intruders, we changed its target color to yellow. Now all we have to do is paint intruders yellow. That done, we also implemented conencted components so that if there are multiple intruders, it will focus on the biggest one. Also so it doesn't worry about bees and sunflowers.
Here's some live action shots of the robot finding red! At this stage, it finds the centroid based on all of the red pixels within the blue box. The green lines are some bits of old code that we don't need anymore. But hey! It's finding red!
Behold! Our program that entertains itself by playing Set! Because nothing's worse than a bored robot. Especially once we've retrofitted it with a rocket launcher.
The vertical cuts are to find information such as number and color. The square patch is to find texture and the horizontal cuts are to find the shape. It works pretty well. This is more efficient than sweeping all the way across as we had done earlier.
OK, so our color detection needs work. This is a picture from when we only used r,g,b and maybe sat to determine color.
This was odd. Our sonar had some peculiar problems recently, including getting values as high as ~18000 and as low as -6.576 as seen here.
Here's a series of pictures showing how we solve the kidnapping problem... in theory. There's still a bit of a problem when running it with actual robot input.
After struggling for much longer than needed, it dawned upon us that radians and degrees, while similar, are not the same. As seen here, bad but interesting things happen when you are not careful.
After careful measurements, we found the sonar was, in fact, fairly linear. Hooray!
Wandering movie
Wandering movie 2
Here's a couple movies of our robotic servant slowly navigating our underground lair. He's learning quickly. Soon we hope to equip him with a rocket launcher and start target practice.
Once we realized that baseDriveTest needs to be reset in order to reset the odometry, our robot wandered around just fine... Until it ran into an unmarked doorway. I guess we can't win 'em all.
This image shows a map of our robot's wanderings through the underground lair. Perhaps soon we'll teach him to read the map so he won't get lost.
Here's the sonar system we put together with a great deal of help from Prof. Dodds. This little baby will allow us to see in the dark, which should be a great help when our undead minions campaign against the Mole Men.
This picture shows our robot recognizing the color red, as well as fitting two lines though the top and bottom of the red zones. I'm sure we can come up with some nefarious use for this ability.
These pictures show us mounting our camera on our robot. Now that it can see, nothing can stop us...except maybe darkness. Just wait till we get our sonar!
Chris contemplates the robot Chris watches the robot try and fail to navigate a square (marked in tape). Conscious of the delicate ears of young robots, he cautions his teammates to be quiet. Or something.
Servo motor of DOOM! The first step in our Master Plan to rule the world was to purchase 5 virgin chickens. That being done, we built this little baby, a servo motor connected to a control board and a battery pack. We're not really certain what it's for, but we're confident it'll come in handy at some point.
Movie one With our new, patented Sight-And-Sound-O-Vision, we can display a combination of the two most important senses in day-to-day mortal human life: vision and hearing. We're thinking of calling the results "movies". Here you can see our infant robot wander across the floor as Chris paternally watches on. Either that or the robot is being forced to do menial labor and Chris is wielding a remote-control robotic lash of some kind. Oh, and there's no sound in this early version of the SASOV.