Monte Carlo Localization (OTL)

Our robot can now localize itself using the sonar and the IR sensors. The localization is displayed in a nice format through the wonders of MapTool.

Cool Extra Things:

How to Use the Code:

An evolution can then be created with Evolution('', 5001, 5010, 5005) and controlled with the provided python functions, or the MCL algorithm itself can be tested from within MapTool. When using you must manually update the MapTool with updateMapTool().

Although, only and the updated MapTool are included below, both base_drive_test.exe and Sonar.class are additionally necessary. All four must be run for the robot to correctly wander and localize using the IR and the sonar. Eventually the camera will be included and then you will need to run the vision tools as well.

Note: Sonar must be run fron JCreator

Source Code:

The Evolution class:

The MapTool code MapTool.rar