Part 4. Creating an assignment

With these capabilities in mind, you might consider novel ways in which to combine them: for example, by inventing an assignment -- or recasting one of your old favorites -- for a class in which you could imagine using a robotic platform.

You could imagine assignments at almost any level of the CS curriculum. We have used the Create in CS1, CS2, and Robotics, but there are possibilities for almost anywhere in the curriculum. I'd be happy to chat about ideas might work at various parts of each of the following courses: We will ask each group to share the ideas they come up with at the end.

Prefer another language?

In addition, although support for the Create is currently in python, we are eager to work with anyone interested in making its capabilities available -- natively -- in other languages. All that is required is access to the serial port. As an alternative to creating a short assignment or project for the create, you might use the python interface as a starting point for writing a library that exposes its capabilities in the language of your choice. We would be happy to help and to include your library to the growing set of resources around the create!

External Links

Some of those resources that are underway are listed here...