Programming Languages


There are too many programming languages to consider them all in this handbook. This page considers only languages of interest to researchers in computer vision. Some of these are languages currently used in computer vision or allied fields. Some are languages that researchers in computer vision might want to consider learning about, either for practical programming or for useful ideas.

Programming Language Research

The Programming Language Research Page contains pointers to current research on programming language design.

Programming Language Implementation

Particularly good books on programming language implementation include the following:

The children of Algol

Because computer vision programs process huge amounts of data, they must be efficient. This efficiency is normally achieved by writing them in C, though this tends to make the programs unreadable. Although C programs can be made extremely portable by careful programming practice, computer vision algorithms rarely achieve this ideal.

Modern Languages

Most researchers in computer vision would prefer to use a modern high-level programming language. These languages, however, do not reliably and portably support efficient image operations: the portable and reliable implementations tend not to be efficient, and the efficient implementations tend not to be portable or reliable.

User-interface, and Package-Connection Languages

High-Power Graphics Languages

Text Formatting Languages

Math Packages


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