Compiler Step 3: Variable Renaming


This step renames variables, to give them names that are unique and are legit C identifiers. New variables are bound by four forms: let, let*, do, receive, and scan. All but one (scan) of these are removed after renaming. The process of removing do introduces a new form while, which was not in the original language.

If the code calls other coprocessor functions and these have not yet been compiled (they are "unready"), compilation is halted at this point. Once the functions have been compiled, compilation can be restarted by calling blc-compile-function with the name of the function. (The code is cached.) At the moment, you have to do this by hand, inside the blc package. Eventually, dependency information stored in the function table will make this happen automatically.

The following symbols are removed from the language: positive? negative? even? odd? pi


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