Portable Vision Software

Margaret Fleck and Dan Stevenson

Computer vision research has been crippled by the lack of programming language support for image operations. As a result, in order to run at a suitable speed,

Interface and transfer standards (such as the IUE) do not properly address these problems. Nor do systems for connecting together hand-coded C modules (e.g. TCL/Tk). Nor do packages of computer vision utility code (including our own). However, our experience with such packages (e.g. our LISP/C vision package) as led us to a clear understanding of how a high-level language might provide efficient support for image processing.

We are now building an extension to the Scheme programming language. This will allow researchers to write efficient image operations in a modern high-level language. These operations will be compiled into efficient C code. We believe that the final system will be simple, free or nearly so, and robust. Our hope is that graduate students will be able to install it on their home computers (typically Linux PC's) and do some of their research work at home.

More information on the new system will be posted as development proceeds.

Our Computer Vision Handbook contains more information on specific software.

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