About Geoff Kuenning

Geoff Kuenning is a professor of computer science at Harvey Mudd College. Prior to joining Harvey Mudd, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher in the FMG research project at UCLA, where he also received his Ph.D. Before entering UCLA, he worked as a software consultant and computer programmer. Geoff's current research is concentrated primarily in the area of file systems. His most visible project is the SNIA IOTTA Trace Repository, a compendium of trace data used by file systems researchers worldwide. He also studies techniques for tracing and modeling file systems, and deduplication techniques for file systems. More information about his current research can be found on his publications page.

In earlier work, Geoff was involved in the development of a memory-based file system, a study of file size distributions, and a system for detecting insider misbehavior by observing file access patterns. Before that, he built the SEER predictive hoarding system, which allows mobile users to ensure that they will have the files they need to work while disconnected. The success of SEER demonstrated that prediction is possible and can have a significant impact on computer systems. Some of the SEER work has been applied to Geoff's more recent research, as well as influencing researchers at other institutions.

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