Checklists for Going Sailing

Okay, I admit it. I can be anal at times. But I can also be forgetful, and so whenever I go out on a boat, I take along these checklists. Since I don't own a boat, I have to take everything every time, so these lists are pretty complete. I'm constantly adding to them, based on what I forgot last time.

You'll find that there are some things on these lists that are not applicable to you, and probably some that you'll want to add.

If you use TeX under Unix, you can retrieve a TeX version of these checklists. The advantage is that the TeX version is much more flexible. Don't ask me to explain how it works, though. I'm too busy to add documentation beyond what's in the comments. Most TeX-savvy people will have no trouble figuring out how to add their own entries to the checklists. Try running "make MOORINGS=1 DOCKINGS=3 ANCHORINGS=2 printweek" to get far more pages on your printer than you really want.

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