Grading Curve for CS70, Fall 2004, Assignment #7

The following is the grading curve for assignment #7. You can use this curve to convert your numerical grade to a letter grade for the assignment.

Warning: The system for determining a final grade is complex, and while your letter grades on assignments and exams are a good indicator of the range of your final grade, they are not a guarantee of any particular final grade. For example, if you were to earn B-minuses on every exam and every assignment, you are not guaranteed to get a B- as your final grade in the class. Your final grade might very well be a C+ or a B. However, you would be safe in assuming that you were not going to get either an A or a D.

NC means No Credit, and is usually given when you failed to turn in an assignment. An NC is much worse than simply failing the assignment. If you believe you received an NC incorrectly, you should see your professor at once.

Grade Score No. Groups
with Grade
A 150 1 1
148 1 2
147 1 3
145 1 4
144 2 6
B 139 2 8
B- 135 4 12
C+ 133 1 13
130 1 14
C 127 1 15
126 1 16
124 2 18
D 102 1 19
F 59 1 20

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