CS70 Terminal Access for Pomona Students

All students enrolled in CS 70 may use the Harvey Mudd Computer Science Terminal Room in Beckman 102. However, Pomona College students may wish to work closer to home.

The CS lab in Andrew 252 has X terms that behave just like the ones at HMC. They can open sessions directly to Turing. Admission to the building and the room is by card key; all Pomona students can get in. If you don't have access, or if you aren't a Pomona student and would like to use that lab, please see Prof. Everett Bull, Pomona Math Department, Millikan 212C.

All public PC's at Pomona have ssh, which should be usable to log in to Turing. They also have X servers, but we are currently not sure whether they are usable for accessing Turing.

Pomona also has a site license for the SSH Secure Shell, but only for machines running Windows, Linux, or Solaris. Pomona students can run ssh on their own computers for doing coursework. See Prof. Bull, Millikan 212C, to get a copy.

Finally, Pomona students may request accounts on the Pomona CS cluster. They have all the basic software: emacs, xemacs, gcc, sml, latex, rex, etc. As with Turing, only secure access is allowed. The CS cluster also supports local (at Pomona) printing. See Prof. Bull in Millikan 212C or Kathy Sheldon in Millikan 220 for account application forms.

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