Professor Kuenning's Schedule for Spring 2010

Here is my schedule for the spring of 2010. Class times are shown in green; office hours are shown in blue. Blocks in pink are times when there is just no point looking for me. A non-pink block with a meeting listed means the meeting doesn't happen every week (as a general rule, I can be found in the office when the meeting isn't happening). Likewise, I'm often available during the "uncommitted" times.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Not here Not here
9:00 Writing Committee
9:30 Unlikely Department Meeting Unlikely Unlikely
10:00 Research Meeting Clinic Meeting
11:00 Uncommitted Clinic Presentations Office Hours Faculty Meetings Research Meeting
12:00 Lunch Oldenborg Lunch Lunch
1:00 CS 135 CS 105 CS 135 CS 105 Research Meeting
2:00 Research
2:30 Office Hours CS 133 Clinic Meeting CS 133
3:30 Uncommitted
4:00 SSC Meeting CS105 Lab Colloquium
4:30 Clinic Meeting
5:00 Office Hours Unlikely
5:30 Staff Meeting Uncommitted Unlikely
6:00 Uncommitted Family Dinner in H-S
6:30 Travel time
7:00 I have a life, you know...

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