CS 105, Fall 2014

All labs are done with pair programming. Although the exams are the major portion of your grade, much of the learning takes place in the labs. SO BE SURE TO DO YOUR FAIR SHARE OF WORK IN THE LABS. Slacking is unfair to your partner, and we can guarantee that if you let your partner do all the thinking, you will do badly on the exams and in the course.

Unless otherwise specified, each lab has a writeup (available in either PS or PDF formats) and a tar file. The tar file includes the writeup in both formats, so it's sufficient to download that. Alternatively, you may wish to download the writeup first so you can look it over.

Labs are due at the BEGINNING of the lab class on the due date.

Many of the labs make heavy use of the debugger. A Debugger cheat sheet is available to help you with it. A downloadable and printable reference card is also available from the University of Texas.

Lab 1: Data manipulation
Lab 2: Debugger
Lab 3: Bomb
Lab 4: Buffer bomb
Writeup; handout.
Lab 5: Performance optimization
writeup; handout.
Lab 6: Ring buffer
Writeup; handout.
Lab 7: Web proxy
Writeup; handout.

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