References for OS Abstracts

This is an incomplete list at best, but it is still a useful abstract source. Some of these have historical importance, some are seminal papers, and some are just fluff. The textbooks also have lists of references, so also try them.

A really good place to look for stuff is ResearchIndex (previously known as CiteSeer). Try typing in some of the keywords related to the current abstract, or try following bibliographic links from papers you've already read.

Note that this page contains no references later than 1998. Thus, it does not represent the latest in computer science. At least some of your abstracts should be taken from sources more recent than those listed on this page.


As a general rule, conference papers are probably a better source for abstracts than other choices, because conference papers typically have length limits. They also represent the most recent research. The major operating systems conferences are:

The listings above are only the tip of the iceberg. ACM, IEEE, and Usenix sponsor many other conferences related to architecture and operating systems, such as Mobicom, SIGMETRICS, the Usenix Security Symposium, and LISA.

Operating Systems

  1. Edsger W. Dijkstra, The Structure of "THE" - Multiprogramming System, CACM, Vol26, #1, Jan 1983.

  2. D.M. Ritchie and K. Thompson, The UNIX Time-Sharing System, CACM, Vol17, #7, Jul 1974.
    Historical overview of original UNIX.

  3. Brian W. Kernighan and John R. Mashey, The UNIX Programming Environment, SP&E, Vol 9, 1979.
    Good overview of the UNIX environment

  4. W. Wulf, et. al., HYDRA: The Kernel of a Multiprocessor Operating System, CACM, Vol 17, #6, Historical: early attemptsat a multiprocessor system.

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  6. R. Brown, et. al., Advance Operating Systems, Computer, Oct 1984.
    Great overview of OS concepts.

  7. Peter J. Denning Third Generation Computer Systems, Computing Surveys, Vol 3, #4, Dec. 1971.
    Historical overview of architecture of OS.

  8. Pike, Rob, et. al., Plan 9 from Bell Labs Proceedings of the Summer 1990 UKUUG Conference, London, July 1990, pp. 1-9.

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  19. James Mitchell, An Overview of the Spring System

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  21. Solaris MC: A Multi-Computer OS

Processes and Interprocess Communication

  1. C.A. Hoare, Monitors: An Operating System Structuring Concept, CACM, Vol 17, #10, Oct 1974.
    Historical. First detailed explanation of monitors.

  2. Peter J. Denning Low Contention Semaphores and Ready Lists, CACM, Vol 24, #10, Oct 1981.
    Definition and application of semaphores.

  3. Sechrest, Stuart, An Introductory 4.3 BSD Interprocess Communication Tutorial, PS1:7.

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  5. Beck, Bob, and Dave Olien A Parallel Programming Process Model Usenix, December 1986.

Memory & Virtual Memory

  1. November 1997, IEEE Micro, Devoted to Advanced Memory Technology.

  2. Peter J. Denning, Virtual Memory, Computing Surveys, Historical - 1st readable VM survey.

  3. R. W. Doran, Virtual Memory, Computer, October 1976.
    Another historical look at VM.

  4. David Notkin, et. al., Heterogeneous Computing Environments: Report on the ACM SigOps Workshop on Accommodating Heterogeneity, CACM, Vol 30, #2, Feb 1987.
    The new OS problems.

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I/O, Disks, & Files

  1. Kridle, Bob, and Marshall Kirk McKusick, Performance Effects of Disk Subsystem Choices for VAX Systems Running 4.2BSD UNIX, UNIX System Manager's Manual.

  2. Marshall Kirk McKusick, et. al., A Fast File System for UNIX, UNIX System Manager's Manual.
    Documents the file system improvements.

Computer Architecture

Java Machine

  1. M. D. Janssens, et. al., Adapting UNIX for a Multiprocessor Environment, CACM, Vol 29, #9, Sept 1986.
    The problems and some solutions. Bach, Maurice J., and Steven J. Buroff, Multiprocessor UNIX Operating Systems, AT&T Bell Labs Technical Journal, Vol. 63, No. 8, October 1984, pp. 1733-1749.

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  13. ftp:/

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Installation and Configuration

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    The bible on installing a system.

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    Additional detail on installing a system.

  3. Playstation 2, CPU