CS134, Spring 2002
Homework Assignment #2
Due 9 P.M. Sunday, April 21, 2002


This assignment consists of doing the "Modules" project in Chapter 4 of the handout selected from Gary Nutt, Linux Kernel Projects.

You may do the work on your own Linux box or on Emulab. However, if you use your own box and it's not running the 2.4 kernel, you might find that the documentation here differs from how your kernel works. That's your problem, not mine.

Please note that getting an Emulab account takes time, since I must approve you before you can begin work. Don't wait until the last minute; I don't promise to approve accounts promptly at any time, but especially on the weekend.


Please use cs134submit to submit the following files:

If you use Emulab, you will have to use scp to download those files onto Turing before you can submit them.



There were two class sessions related to this project. You should have gotten handouts there. However, to save myself from requests from people who should know better, here are links to the handouts:

Web Sites

  • There is lots of stuff at kernelnewbies.org. Especially, there's good stuff in the documents directory and the procfs Guide.
  • Corrections and Additions

    Some of the information in the book and the handout is incorrect or outdated. In particular: