CS 147, Spring 2003
Computer Systems Performance Analysis

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    My weekly schedule is posted on the Web for all to see. I am generally in my office every day except Friday. If the door is open, please feel free to drop in with your questions. Even if I happen to be busy, I'll at least know that you need to talk to me and we can set up an appointment to talk. If you are on a computer, the command finger @mallet will generally tell you whether I'm logged in and have multiple active windows, which is a very good sign that I'm in the office.

    I maintain an AIM account to allow quick questions. To avoid spam harvesters, the account name is not given here; it will be given in class. The form of the account is the 4-letter abbreviation of my job title, followed by my last name. Don't try talk; it won't work.

    On Fridays I do research. You can sometimes reach me by calling 310-825-8524, though you'll rarely get an answer between 1 and 3 PM, when I'm in meetings. In general, if I'm available to answer the phone, I'm also available to answer questions. If you can't get me by phone, IM me or send e-mail.

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