Professor Kuenning's Schedule for Spring 2022

Online Office Hours

For the first two weeks of the semester, I will be holding office hours online via Zoom. If you haven't received a Zoom meeting ID from me, please e-mail me to ask for it. Unfortunately I can't post it here.

IMPORTANT: When life was in-person and something came up that conflicted with my office hours, I would note the change on a sign on my door. That's not possible in a virtual environment. Instead, before you try to join my Zoom session, you should always check my dynamic calendar to make sure I haven't had to make a change.

So if you join the office hours and I'm not there, check the dynamic calendar first. If it says they are happening, it's usually worth waiting around for me. I might be in a breakout room for privacy, or I might just be running a bit late.


Here is my schedule for the spring of 2022. Class times are shown in green; office hours are shown in blue. Blocks in pink are times when there is little or no point looking for me. A white block with an activity listed means the activity doesn't happen every week, so it's worth checking to see if my office door is open.

I also publish a free/busy schedule that obscures the details of what I'm doing but is updated from my personal calendar, so that it's a more accurate reflection of my moment-to-moment commitments.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00 Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Research Teleconference
9:00 Research Teleconference
9:30 Research Teleconference
10:00 Uncommitted Office Hours Clinic Teleconference
10:30 Research Teleconference Uncommitted
11:00 Committee Meeting Clinic Presentations Faculty Meeting Department Meeting
12:00 Lunch Lunch Clinic Meeting Clinic Teleconference
12:30 Research Teleconference
1:00 Research Teleconference Unavailable Office Hours Unavailable
CS 105 CS 105 CS 105 Lab
2:00 Uncommitted
2:30 Research Teleconference Uncommitted
Department Meeting
3:00 Research Teleconference
3:30 Clinic Meeting
4:00 Office Hours Office Hours Clinic Meeting Colloquium Office Hours
5:00 Unavailable Clinic Meeting Uncommitted Unavailable
5:30 I have a life, you know...

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