FChart Plugin for GKrellm

FChart is a general-purpose plugin for the incomparable gkrellm monitoring tool written by Bill Wilson. The purpose of FChart is to let you quickly prototype plugins by writing the data-collection code in a scripting language, and ignoring all the other details of the plugin interface.

In its simplest form, FChart monitors a file for numeric data and plots it on a gkrellm chart. More complicated forms allow multiple curves, tooltips, and chart labels, and can even launch warning and alert commands.

The screenshot on the right shows FChart monitoring three NTP servers (along with text detail provided by FMonitor) and displaying the tides for the next 27.5 hours.


The latest version of FChart is supplied as a gzipped tar file. Simple installation instructions are included in the README.


Some sample scripts are included in the kit. If you write a script of your own, please send me a link for inclusion on this page.

This page is maintained by Geoff Kuenning.