Santa Barbara Sailing Trip, 3/26/99

Early in 1999, Greg Barker sent out e-mail asking Lew Hodgett, Geoff Kuenning, and David Owen to join him on a March sailing trip out of Santa Barbara, California, going to Santa Cruz Island for a three-day weekend. Lew wasn't able to go, but Geoff and David managed to arrange their schedules so that they could participate in what turned out to be a very fun trip.

Here are a few photos taken when we landed on the island.

David wringing out a sock David was a very unlucky fellow during our trip. It seemed that every time he turned around, he got hit by another wave. This was one of the rare times when he got a chance to wring out his clothes. (If you look closely, you can see water dripping from his sock.)
Displaying our landing permit You can't land on Santa Cruz without a permit. But the "No Trespassing" sign didn't seem to care when Greg waved the paperwork in its face.
View of Santa Cruz Island Santa Cruz Island is a beautiful spot. This lovely panorama is marred only by one ugly foreground obstruction.
Greg inside a water cave While exploring, we found a cave that had been eroded by a stream. Greg is checking out the precariously balanced rocks directly over his head.
Greg getting lunch When lunchtime came, we discovered that we'd left the food on the boat. Greg volunteered to row back to get it. What a guy!

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