Data Files for the Stentec Sailing Simulator

This page lists data files that are available for use with the Stentec Sailing Simulator, version 2.1. Each link will lead you to a ZIP file that, when unpacked, will add a new sailing area or boat to your simulation options.

To make use of a file, first use your browser to copy it into a scratch area on your hard disk. Then change directories (CD) into the directory where you installed the simulator (usually C:\STENTEC) and unzip the file using PKUNZIP. The next time you start the simulator, the new boat or area should be available.

NOTE: I have no connection with Stentec, and very little knowledge of their software except as a satisfied user. In particular, I am not qualified to provide support for their products. Please don't send me questions like "How do I install the simulator?" or "How do I raise the spinnaker?" or "What is Stentec's address?" I don't know the answers. Instead, visit Stentec's home page.

Sailing Areas

Marina del Rey
Marina del Rey, located near Los Angeles, California, is the world's largest man-made marina. This sailing area accurately reproduces the marina's breakwater, channels, and boat basins, but it only has docks in one place near the end of basin "B" (the second basin on the left, as seen when entering the marina. This sailing area is primarily useful for practicing docking and undocking in tight quarters, although boaters who frequent the Marina may also enjoy sailing in the channel.


Sorry, no boats are currently available, because Stentec has not made the format of the data files public and has not provided any software that can be used to design new boats. If you don't like that, take the time to send them a complaint!

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