Spring 2013

East lounge migrated to Sprague. There was pizza and chipotle. CokeYo? managed to cheese a LoL game in 15 minutes by pushing mid. ThomasMorganWitts was a wonderful team player.

Spring 2012

We're back, new location but same old crack. Updates below.

Suggestions for next: Starcraftttttttt

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Spring 2011!

GregoryFong is updating (or maybe it's actually someone else?!) with what we're be generally playing.

I suppose I might as well put this here, but if anyone feels like playing Minecraft, I have a server set up at that people are free to join (assuming no local minecraft servers are in higher demand). Standard requests of not destroying/griefing/blowing up existing things apply. -- KwangKetcham

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Spring 2010

-last update: 2:25 PM Monday

BenFreeland was deputized to run the first chunk of crack (much to his alarm). He also is providing his fridge again if he can find some way to get it down there...

Participants (adjust yourself to where appropriate):

Spring 2009

-last update: 2:40pm

Going from Saturday March 14th to Sunday March 15th, 2pm to 2pm

It was EPIC. Over 30 players participated, although not all at once.

Some of the highlights include a large variety of board games and a variety of really bad jokes. Also, it was the site of yet another really stupid strategy StarCraft game. There was some TF2 Scout achievements, Super Smash Bros. 64 version, UT3 managed to get itself working and people played the co-op campaign, and some very epic, and yet hilarious Left4Dead? Versus games. Why the heck does it spawn the Tank during the first few seconds of the 2nd Chapter? Oh, and several games of Pudge Wars. Oh my goodness the hooks.

Special Thanks for BenFreeland for the fridge, SuiteTreason and KevinOelze for bringing some awesome stuff like the N64 and RockBand?, StevenBerler for helping drive to pick up Chipotle. And of course some very special people for bringing the funk.

17 players still in the room at 8:30am.

10 made it to 2pm on Sunday, although not all participated for all 24 Hours.

Participants (adjust yourself to where appropriate):

Games Played:

Organizer's NOTE: if you're interested in running this stuff next year, bug TrevinMurakami and he'll give you all the notes he's collected over the past 3 years.

Spring 2008

Going from Saturday March 15th to Sunday March 16th

Another epic event. Particular highlights include massive amounts of Brawl, a very balanced NS game that lasted over an hour, plenty of wanking about panzerfausts and killing your team mates to heal them, a Shield Gun only round in Double Domination, and of course a 4-way Terran game where one person (spellman23) teched to Battlecruisers, another went medic marine (Trix) and was promptly smooshed by the Battlecruisers, and another killed two groups of battlecruisers with cloaked wraiths after draining all the scanner sweep energy and no science vessels. Oh, and massive base trades.

Game List:

Hardcore Participants (>20 Hours of play)

Casuals (everyone else)

Spring 2007

A special gaming event held over Spring Break of '07 from Monday to Tuesday, noon to noon, Parsons PC Lab.

The purpose is to essentially have a group of gamers play games for 24 hours straight, only breaking for food and bathroom. Of course, Casual gamers were allowed to filter in and out.

It was a great success with on average about 10 players present, peaking out at about 16-24 in the evening. There has been mcuh requesting it happens again sometime, although right now, the sleep dep is impairing our judgement.

Not to mention your spelling. -AndrewFarmer

Game List:

Hardcore Players (stayed for all 24 hours):

Casual Players:

Wishing They Were Still Young:

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