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Alsø alsø wik

Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër?

See the løveli lakes

The wøndërful telephøne system

OK, what's going on with this node? -AlexBobbs
I can't be too sure, but I think it's undergoing meltdown at the hands of sibling rivalry. -WillShipley
Check BridgetLewis as well. The lines are going back and forth between them... -JeffBrenion

And ma^ni interesting furry animals

Including the majestik møøse

A moose ønce bit my sister

Jeff, I sure hope you mean KatieLewis... -ArielBarton

HOLY COW! They moved our statements across pages. What, are the two of them isomorphic? shudder --WillShipley

Nø realli! She was karving her initials øn the møøse with the sharpened end of an interspace tøøthbrush given her by Svenge- her brøther-in-law- an Oslø dentist and star øf many Nørwegian møvies: "the Høt Hands øf an Oslø Dentist", "Fillings øf Passiøn", "the Huge Mølars øf Hørst Nørdfink"...

We apologise for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible have been sacked.

Mind yøu, moose bites kan be pretti nasti

We appologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

Now, the question is: is the fault in the subtitles the traditional fault in the subtitles, or is it our unique, confused additions? --WillShipley ("sacked")

This page makes me sad. It's so...empty.

"Can I have it back so I can look at it? I promise not to step on it again."

Ah, revival of the moose: "Moose on the left hand of the second scene trained to speak french and sign complicated insurance forms"... or something like that. Examine the credits closely, my man, there are deep philosofical revelations in there! -Ralf the Wonder Llama.

I did NOT write this. My sister did.

"WARNING: contains contents"

So should we be linking this into GroupStoryTwo? Oh, wait...-ChainMaille

The non-sequitorish nature would not be wholely inappropriate... - NickJohnson

I am sorry to say I find this page to be far too sequitorial to fit into the GroupStory? mold. - BridgetLewis

See LemmingPie

"Heck is a place for people who don't believe in Gosh!" --?

"Attack of the suicide pancakes!!" --?

Q: How did East come to have wiki? I just ran into [This] and I'm curious as to the history as people here know it.

  One day during the 1999-2000 school year (I think it might have been at a dorm meeting), TheBrubeck announced
  to the lounge that there was this cool thing called Funwiki at some now long-defunct address.  And people should
  go there and create stuff.  He later informed us that we were all crack-monkeys, having created 6 megs of data in
  some absurdly short period of time.  If someone else has a better memory of this, please correct me.  I didn't pay
  too much attention to it originally, so my memory is likely faulty. -- EdMiller

Thank you so much for telling me. --Katie

What type of wiki are we using here? MVrable told me, but I forgot and do not want to disturb him at the moment though I guess I will later. --KL

Thank you. -KL

The Creation of New Links:



The MasqueradeBallofManyRooms?





A fun link emailed to me today, via the wonderful group KGB (which does -not- stand for Keeping Geeks Buisy) at CMU: http://playlist.yahoo.com/makeplaylist.dll?id=1277883&sdm=web&qtw=640&qth Let's just say Spiderman and Leggos. Just be warned the file is rather large (an animation).

Other Random Links:

Other Variants of Chess (where should this be added?):

--The above documented by KatieLewis who was at brunch December 2004

Questions with which to begin interesting conversations. (Or rather questions which catch my fancy):

Something, stolen/quoted from Schmack, that ought to have it's own wiki page, but having a wiki page requires a wikipage name and therefore it is currently stuck here so as not to be forgotten. (Other comments which may have been made have unfortunately been deleted in a fit of account cleaning)(I.e. a page of evil mischief that could be consequences):

>Subject: Re: Bored? Want to write an interesting shell script?

Ding! (Why am I, a frosh, the one adding this?)
::Honor thwacks self::
Bad frosh! No buiscuit. -- KL
What's a buiscuit?
The correct response should have been thank you sir, may i have another, but as the frosh thwacked himself, he would have had to make the response himself. Definitely not bad though, unless not knowing your sister is bad. In which case you could fix that (so he could pretend to be a moose and bite your sister?).

For the benefit of Richard. The names of the seven monkeys are: Mildred, Joe, Margret, San, Orangatang, Meebles, and Mipps

other monkey names: Lemonade, Chocolate, Herb, Little, Sassafrass, Slipperfoot, and Tinker

Other other monkee names: Davey, Mickey, Mike, Peter

Things I will be passing on when I (KatieLewis) graduate (just begun):

If there's anything you'd like to claim of things I'm not giving away until I graduate (such as the pencil sharpener), please put your name behind the item in the below lists (or come talk to me) so then I don't have to figure out what to do with things.

For Sale Immediately: $5 for the pair: 2 tall posts the hight of a second floor East cealing. Excellent for constructing screens in front of bunkbeds to block light while your roommate works.

I've put a box in one of the East storages that is CLEARLY marked 'Free' and I'll put things in it as I'm done with them.

For Free:

For Sale Immediately:

For Sale Maybe:

For Free Maybe:

Other Things:


TrickOrCheese sign-up page on wiki for Halloween 2002: (because I like things to be remembered especially if they are silly)

LauraKanofsky and ArielBarton, East 156: aged Vermont white cheddar cheese

Big Matt and Eric, East 105: Pepper jack

AlexBobbs, East 121: Muenster (carrying on the ChessersSuite tradition)

JoshMiddendorf and MaryPeter, South 310/312 aka HotTub? or LounGe?? : Salami (yeah, I know, it's not cheese).

MicahSmukler, East 127: Parmesan

StephGrush, East 109: Tillamook cheddar (sharp)

MikelGrenzner, AaronHomer, East 160- Mozzarella

DanCicio, East 125: colby jack

TimeSuck6, East 151, East 153: Havarti, asagio

TamaraReimer & RachelGabor, East 157: Grand Camembert

SeleneTan & KatieLewis & EmilyRoss??, Atwood 121: some sort of cheese - SeleneTan was thinking Brie or some white cheese (Feta or goat) or maybe Edam; EmilyRoss?? wants Gouda and not goat. Any suggestions? (Brie and Geoff would like Gouda, so we'd prefer if you didn't chose that) Hmm, okay, maybe Edam then. Or maybe anything I happen to find at the grocery that looks interesting. :P Oh yeah, anyone have an estimate of how *much* cheese gets consumed?

IdealismSuite?? (formerly FroshCloneSuite), East 102 and 104, Gruyere and Dubliner (random Irish cheese)

GeoffRomer & BrieFinger?? East 170 and 174: Gouda

MinervaWelling, East 177: Brie

RyanRiegel & ChrisWeisiger East 110: Gorgonzola (or some other kind of blue cheese)

JessicaFisher & FessNelson East 155: probably colby

VictoriaKrafft & MelissaBanister East 159: Feta

AdrianMettler, East 108: Kasseri (I never heard of it either)

Nick and TristanBrand, East 164: EXTRA sharp cheddar

NickHerman, East 113...has crackers. Hurrah!

Quotes MCM 2005

"I will cry if the answer to the traffic problem is ____." -- L

"Dude. I am so two with the universe." --LT


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