A now-fully-undead member of the class of 2007, currently (as of Spring '08) working at LaserFiche in Long Beach. He will happily respond to "neminem", or "nem" for short (and has actually done so, on occasion). He will also joke about responding to "nobody", though he generally won't actually do so.

His plans centered on completing a major in CS, which he has now done. They once also included double-majoring in linguistics, but then he discovered junior year that semantics sucks a lot. Following that, he officially concentrated in music, despite having most of a linguistic concentration done (as opposed to before, where he had a music concentration but was concentrating in linguistics anyway).

He sings all the time - now with added BeatBoxing?!^H^H^H^Hnow with the BeatBoxing? removed again, sadly (collegiate a cappella groups are hard to find, when you're not in college anymore). He was in the Scripps ConcertChoir? for a while, until they fired the good director and replaced her with a crappy one. He continued to be in TheAfterSchoolSpecials?, the a cappella group formerly known as ShowerQuality. Junior year, he rejoined the Scripps music department, when they replaced the crappy director with a good one again (even if he did occasionally require that we sing a postmodernist piece of crap). Now, having graduated, he sings with the Long Beach Camerata Singers, who are really quite good, and you should come see them if you're ever in the area.

FrOsh year, he was an EastiePerson who spent a fair amount of time in South. SophoMore year, was an EastiePerson who spent a fair amount of time in HaloSuite. Junior year, was a member of HaloL? (formerly known as HaloSuite) in CaseDorm, but spent most of his time in East anyway (and was therefore, for the first time, one of those weird ThirdFloorEasties). Senior year, trivially pulled an East single 3rd round (despite having official in-dorm status, no less). SuperSenior? semester, roomed with MikeGilik? in SouthDorm, where his room was way nicer than any of the East singles, but still spent much of his time in East. Now, of course, lives way the frack out in Long Beach (and possibly also the KingdomOfLoathing), but still goes to visit East every once in a while (see also: CrackInTheAC). Though, not nearly as often as he used to, sadly.

He loses TheGame far more than is healthy (and, in fact, lost just now).

Finally, he would like you to look at his [random collection of stuff] (otherwise known as a web site). He makes song mashups and puts them there! Or at least he used to, before WoW started sucking free time. (Though he has now, as of mid-2012, escaped from WoW! Maybe he'll start making them more again. Or maybe not.)

People seem to like putting up anagrams, and at the time of this posting, I didn't feel like doing homework, so... a collection of mine:


Including a middle name gets some decent ones, too; for instance:

Broadband Misfile
Manifolded Rabbis
Rabbis Demand Foil
Lambda Fried Bison
Salad Bimbo Finder
Blonde Mafia Birds

AdamField: "Math is way more awesome than a toaster."

MarissaQuitt: "Puppies."
AdamField: "Dead puppies?"
MarissaQuitt: "The holocaust."
AdamField: "I just lost TheGame."

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