A frosh as of 2017-2018 though always a frosh to me.

Involved in building FortFroshChem.

Once hated DontWorryAboutIt. Has become DontWorryAboutIt.

Is scarily addicted to Tpumps. Please don't let him drown himself in Tpumps.

Once [pied Prof. Jacobsen] after summer math.

Organized the PomonaSignPrank

Organized the CaltechCannonPlaquePrank

Witnessed TheBigFlush

Organized the CaltechMuddLabsPrank

Became East Proctor for 2020-2021, but ended up as East ResLife? Assistant for 2020 Fall Hell Semester.

Ran PhotoRoulette

My favorite FunWiki pages:

FunWiki pages I'm working on:

Here's a list of movies I recommend watching either for FridayMorningMovie / JustinsITRMovie or just cuz they're good. This first list is a list of "Must Watch" movies.

This second list is all Scooby-Doo movies. I recommend seeing all of them, especially the live actions. (See also, DavidMindlin)

This is a list of Neil Breen movies. They're good for when you want to see something absurd with a bit of a slow plot.

This last list is a list of movies I recommend watching, but aren't necessarily the most important films you'll ever see:

Finally, this is a list of movies that you may be tempted to watch, but are ultimately kinda disappointing. I don't recommend wasting your time with these.

Movies that have been recommended to me but I havenít seen yet:

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