AlanKraut is an alum from the class of 2008. He is currently working on a PhD in Robotics from Carnegie Mellon, and hopes to finish that in 2013 or 2014. It is highly probably that he will visit on a semi-regular basis.

Old stuff below. It's only still here because I am loathe to destroy information.

AlanKraut was told to be EllenKephart. S/He needs to make a page. S/He doesn't have any real desire to struggle to come up with stuff to say...soo s/he's going to ask people to tell him/her what s/he should say about him/herself.

S/He should watch out for typos.

EllenKephart is moderately concerned about this. She'd rather have a monopoly on being herself.

Alan is not overly fond of proofreading, and it sometimes comes across as a typo or two. Fortunately he doesn't have the ability to make everything he writes come true.
Lived upstairs in the only corner of East without a staircase frosh year. It was very out of the way, which was nice for sleeping but not so good for having people stop by. That and the fact that most of his close friends lived in South. Currently (sophomore year, '05-'06) lives in the double closest to the lounge. It is the polar opposite of his frosh year room. Fortunately he is not terribly bothered by noise while trying to sleep, as evidenced by the fact that he fell asleep while Funball was going on.
Didn't have a PatriNumber. Was quite sure of this, unless showering people etc. counts, in which case he probably did.

Now probably has a weak PatriNumber. Not sure what it is.

Figured he should probably put in some more content:

Enjoys many types of crack-like hobbies, including CrackInTheAC and SettlersOfCatan. Both of which he was introduced to frosh year. Actually, come to think of it, he was introduced to most of his crack frosh year.

For example, got started playing D&D first semester with JacobSeene?. Went through four characters in the first year, due in part to the fact that Jacob might just be an EvilDM (though not excessively so...if you're not too attached to your characters) and in part to the fact that he is a new player. His characters in chronological order:

Also likes WarcraftIII, StarCraft, etc.

Although he finds he plays video games much less than he used to, now that there are people around almost all the time. He enjoys socializing quite more than anything else as far as he can tell.


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