Died in 2005 and went to Stanford, which is kind of like heaven except with more electrical engineering and fewer clouds.

Hangs out with SeleneTan. Stuff. Likes RailGuns. A lot. A lot lot. Fails to enunciate properly, driving DavidLiao mad. In both senses of the word. Also supports WuZZles! Likes DeusEx a lot. Also ninjas. And rogues. And GhostInTheShell. Yay Fuchikomas! Also Tachikomas! (which are Fuchikomas except cuter and less armored and stuff)

Has several TheSimpsons? song collections. Likes sugar and candy and chocolate and sugar and did I mention candy?


"Sugar sugar sugar!"

"Packet packet packet!" (A reference to StarS!, a VideoGame that KaiLiu, SeleneTan, AlexUtter, EliBogart, JacobSeene?, JeremyLennert, and RyanRiegel are involved in.)

"Whee scouts!" (A StarCrack reference)

 Alex: aren't glockenspiels just a special kind of bell?
 SeleneTan: no, glockenspiels are like the grown-up version of kiddy xylophones.
 Alex: but...but...still a resonating piece of metal!
 Selene: so pianos are bells?
 Alex: Yeah!!

 Selene: I should go to bed.
 Alex: You can do it!!!

Held a summer job with CIS fixing the administration computers. Will not take the job again, because it makes him VeryBitter, and would put him in danger of becoming a BitterUpperClassman.

Has not been a casualty of the SuitcaseOfDoom, and has even successfully moved it several times. This may be because he helped to summon, er, pack it. But then, that hasn't stopped it from getting SeleneTan.

Once roomed with JakePinheiro? and DavidLiao, in AtwoodDorm.

Has been called "Ooter" on various occasions, as well as SashaTheUnsuspectingFrosh?.

Responsible for the creation of KoppyKingOfTheKosmos


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