AllisonMcCaffrey used to live in ScandalSuite, but soon she'll live in GoTeam. She likes PhySics and MatheMatics.

Also known as HottieFrosh?. Reason: unknown (Hmm... how 'bout she was a hottie when she was a frosh? - wait, does that mean she's not anymore???)

Sigh... Gather 'round, children, and listen to the tale of how Allison became known as Hottie Frosh.

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, Allison was a BridgeFrosh? at Mudd. Our story takes place when that year's crop of HMC New Student Orientation sponsors had just arrived on campus to prepare for the fun and games that is Orientation into life at Mudd. One evening, as the sponsors were relaxing in the Linde Dorme lounge after one of many meetings, the lady known as PrettyTerrah? was visibly distracted by goings-on in a far corner of the lounge. "Whatcha looking at, Terrah?" someone asked.

"The redhead..." Terrah replied, dreamily.

"Why?" came the reply.

"She's hooooot..."

It turns out that Allison didn't find out about this conversation until much, much later, when it had already become the stuff of legend, shouted from the balconies of WestDorm for all the Quad to hear. But that's okay, it's still a good story.


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