Allison died in May '15 and now lives in Culver City. She spends her zombie days doing science with cold things and electrons. Feel free to ask her about it.
She no longer spends most of her waking moments in East lounge.
She is fuck frosh, but not for the reason you think.

Was ProctorOfVice for the 13-14 school year with MaryEliseElam.

Enjoyed FountainRunning? and organizing many a FroshVenture.

Has agreed to share the title of Dorm Naked Chick with XandaSchofield.

Is a sex hipster.

Is, apparently, Dorm Sauce.

Is good at terrifying PreFrosh.

Has a PatriNumber of 5 and a WeakPatriNumber? of 3. Has a WhedonNumber of 3. Has a purity score below 50.

Keeper of OrgasmosaurusRex. (Who has gone missing after the great "Wait why did F&M throw out everything in the suite" debacle of summer 2013 and is assumed to be gone forever. May he rest in peace.)

Is a cold unfeeling machine... of cuddles.

Voted dorm Dirty Mouth and dorm Scrubbable at Eastmas 2011
Voted dorm Spank and dorm Squeaky Clean at Eatmas 2012
Voted dorm Femme Inferno and dorm Lips at Eastmas 2013
Attended Eastmas 2014 and was voted something but can't remember. The mind, it's the first thing to go.


"There is no shame in being naked! You were born naked, and you will be naked under your clothes when you are buried!"


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