A ThirdFloorEastie who has lived in Case, North, Brighton Park, and Linde. Comes to East for Vice events, to be educated about the latest quality YouTube? content, and to get her daily dose of interaction with human beings. Can sometimes be found sleeping on the NakedCouch. (Not anymore. I have a single, motherfuckers. -Fall 2014)

 Is a MathCompBio? major I guess. -Spring 2014
 Has changed major, but will probably always be experiencing some sort of existential confusion. -Fall 2014 


Ask her about off-campus art classes, Music Theory I (never again), bio research and not-Bio-52 bio classes, Psychology of Close Relationships (both the class and personal experiences), responsible drinking habits, nutrition and exercise advice, how to put off choosing a major as long as possible, and how many assignments can be dropped per semester (more than you think).

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